EASY 1-2-3 Process for Selling Your Test Strips

Process for Selling Diabetic Test Strips

The simple process for selling your test strips to Diabetic Supply Team is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step One – Request a Kit

Get in touch with us to get a price quote for your strips and to request a free, pre-paid shipping kit for sending us your strips. You can contact us via our web form, or you can call us at (877) 317-2982.

Step Two – Send Your Strips

Use the shipping kit and instructions we provide to pack up your strips and drop them in the mail. You can use any box around the house along with our pre-paid Priority Mail postage label.

Step Three – Get Paid!

As soon as we check in your shipment we issue payment within one business day! We offer Paypal, ACH deposit into checking or savings, or you can request a business check or postal money order to be mailed via USPS Mail.

It’s that easy! If you’re ready to get a quote and request your free shipping kit, click here.

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