Diabetic Supply Team Testimonials

Read below to hear testimonials from people who have sold their diabetic test strips to Diabetic Supply Team!

Honest People

Okay, my wife was worried that this was a scam. As a Pastor I know that there are still honest people in this world. God Bless.

Paul R

It's a GREAT service

My name is Patty. I started selling my diabetic test strips and lancets; it's a great service to help others. I encourage others to sell their extra strips. Besides, it's nice having a little cash.

Patty R

"Customer service is outstanding!"

I enjoy doing business with Diabetic Supply Team because they're fast and efficient. Also their customer service is outstanding!

Lawrence H

"Very professional"

Very professional. I am impressed with how quick and easy they make it. I would recommend them to others.

Schone A.

"I give them a 10!"

Diabetic Supply Team is a very friendly and professional company. Any time I talk to them it is so pleasing. They talk to you like they are down to earth; like you are a human and not just an account with them.

Last time I had extra strips I had to find their number because I had lost it; I searched my home top to bottom; it took me 3 days. Other online companies didn't look friendly enough and their prices weren't as good as Diabetic Supply Team.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a ten!

Vance M.

"Very honest and up front"

I am very pleased to be dealing with Diabetic Supply Team. They have been very honest and up front with me.

Ralph B.

"Trustworthy and very dependable"

I have used Diabetic Supply Team multiple times. They are trustworthy and very dependable.

Joann B.

"You can trust this company"

You can trust this company. I like the quick turnaround times like those provided by Diabetic Supply Team. They ensure my needs are met. Friendly, respectful and honest are words I use about Diabetic Supply Team.

Kenneth H.

"Great Customer Service & Full Support"

My experience with Diabetic Supply Team has been wonderful. I have enjoyed their great customer service and full support.

Paty F.

"Everything they told me was accurate"

The first time I sent in my strips I was amazed at how fast it happened. Everything they told me was accurate and they paid me fast.

Joe F.

"Convenient and fast services"

My experience with Diabetic Supply Team has been one of my most convenient and fast services and the staff is very friendly.

Barbara S.

"Really easy and quick"

I have had an amazing experience with Diabetic Supply Team. They are very friendly, answered any questions I had. It was really easy and quick, got money for my unused test strips in about a week. I will definitely keep going through them.

Kylee D.

"The extra money really helps out"

I have really enjoyed doing this because the extra money really helps me out. I know it's for a good cause and the extra supplies go to people who need them.

Patty R.

"Pleasant when you call"

Diabetic Supply Team is great to deal with. They send the proper supplies to return the test strips and quick to pay for what you send them. Great to work with. The people are pleasant when you call.

Dennis K.

"All my questions were answered"

When I called Diabetic Supply Team they made sure all my questions were answered. They were very nice when talking to them on the phone. I will do more business with Diabetic Supply Team.

Jerry F.

"Payment return is accurate and fast"

The Diabetic Supply Team is courteous all the time. They send me the prepaid box on time. Their payment return is accurate and fast. I'm glad I can do business with this team. Thank you very much for all your positive cooperation.

Inda G.

"Excellent and enjoyable experience"

My experience with Diabetic Supply Team has been an excellent and an enjoyable one.

Angela M.

"Makes doing business very easy"

Doing business with Diabetic Supply Team has been a wonderful experience. The team is very pleasant, fast and makes doing business very easy. I recommend Diabetic Supply Team to anybody who has extra supplies!

Christina T.

"Great customer service"

Great customer service. Great turnaround once received. Awesome to do business with.

Deborah C.
Rhode Island

"Trustworthy, quick and friendly"

Diabetic Supply Team is great. Everyone is very friendly. They make the process easy and you get a quick return on your items. Trustworthy, quick and friendly.

Debra G.

"Always had a nice experience"

We have always had a nice experience with Diabetic Supply Team. Thank you.

Muriel T.

"Friendly customer service helps me"

I really like working with Diabetic Supply Team. Their friendly customer service helps with me with questions and makes [it] real easy. Plus it makes me feel good that it helps others as well. Good job guys.

Joe P.

"Always on time"

This has helped me out with a little extra cash. When everyone needs a little extra. They are always on time which gets a thumbs up from me.

Yvonne D.
New Mexico

"Fast, courteous, professional"

My experience with Diabetic Supply Team has been excellent! Fast, courteous, professional. Great! Great! Great!

Karen R.

"Love doing business with them"

I have had a wonderful experience with Diabetic Supply Team. They are an honest, trustworthy company. They do what they say they will do. I love doing business with them

April M.

"Everything is legal and credible"

I was skeptical about this transaction when I sent off my extra supplies. I now realize that everything is legal and credible.

Roger G.

"Fast, accurate, and timely"

I found Diabetic Supply Team to be fast, accurate, and timely in their response and payments.

Perry G.

"Quick and convenient"

Diabetic Supply Team is great. They are quick and convenient. I received my shipping box in 2 days and my check within 4 days after [shipping]. I wouldn't use anyone else.

Gina H.

"No issues at all"

Diabetic Supply Team quoted me the best prices for my unopened boxes and they pay the shipping. They will furnish a prepaid shipping box but I just ship them on my own and they reimburse me for the shipping I pay. I receive the funds in a very timely manner. I have had no issues at all.

David B.
New Mexico

"Always fulfill their end of the deal"

I have done business with Diabetic Supply Team for over a year. They have always treated me fair and never failed to fulfill their end of the deal!

Edward A.

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